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Islamic Calendar 2020 | Hijri Calendar 1441

As like of other calendars Islamic calendar 2020 also known as Hijri calendar is also having 12 months in one year, in total it is having 344 or 355 days. The basic purpose of using Islamic calendar is to learn the proper days falling for Islamic rituals. As like others in Islamic calendar there are total of 12 months which are as follows:

Muharram, Safar, Rabi al-awwal, Rabi at-thani, jumada al-ula, Jumada al-akhirah, Rajab, Shaban, Ramadan, Shawwal, Dhu al-Qadah, Dhu al-Hijjah. As per the Islam religion, there are a total of four months which are considered to be the sacred months, these four months are Muharram, Dhu al-Qadah, Rajab, Dhu al-Hijjah. The lunar cycle is one by which the length of any month of Islam is decided.

Islamic Calendar 2020

Islamic Calendar 2020

The months are dependable on the visibility of moon and according to this the months can vary from 29 to 39 days. The weeks of Islam doesn’t start with sunrise, it start from the sunset as similar to the Bahal and Hebrew calendars. The weekend or the rest day in Islamic countries is Friday as this day is known as the Jummah where Muslims gather for Jummah Prayer. The weekends in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt falls on Friday and Saturday which are considered as the official off.

Hijri Calendar 1441

There are still few Islamic countries like as of Pakistan which has considered the Saturday and Sunday as their weekends where Friday is known as the working day. There is one more kind of Islamic calendar known as the tabular Islamic calendar which does not depend upon the astronomical calculation apart from this it is based on the rule variation of the Islamic calendar. This type of calendars is having a total of 19 years of 354 days and 11 leap years having 355 days.

Urdu Calendar 2020

There are various important dates which fall in the Islamic calendar and these Islamic dates are as follows: 1st Muharram : Islamic new year, 10 Muharram : day of Ashura, 12 Rabi al-Awwal : Mawlid, 27 Rajab : Isra and Mi’raj, 15 Shaban : Mid-Shaban, 1 Ramadan : First day of fasting, 27 Ramadan : Nuzul al-Quran, 1 Shawwal : Eid ul-Fitr, 8 to 13 Dhu al-Hijjah : The Hajj to Mecca, 9 Dhu al-Hijjah : Day of Arafa, 10 Dhu al-Hijjah : Eid al-Adha. These are some important Islamic dates, the main purpose or use of Islamic calenders is based on the religions as it is also used for the official dating for public events. It is not very difficult or we can say the Islamic calendar is easily convertible to the Hebrew calendar.

Arabic Calendar 2020

The name of months in the Islamic calendar is written in two languages which are English and Urdu. We are here providing you the perfect Islamic calendar for 2020 with all important dates and in easy format to download. From our site you can easily download the Islamic calendar in pdf form which is suitable for keeping them in your smartphone or desktop. Before planning your day you can easily have a look over this calendar which we are providing you with all the details of 2020.

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